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Nothing makes content come alive quite like animation and motion graphics. At ClearVoice, our expert freelance animators and motion graphic designers bring your brand to life through dynamic visual storytelling.

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What are Animators and Motion Graphics Designers?

Animators and Motion graphics designers use cutting-edge software to craft engaging visuals that simplify complex concepts. The visuals they create transform those concepts into engaging, dynamic content. 

Animations and motion graphics are a fun and unique way to engage with your audience. They’re also currently way more cost-effective to produce than live-action videos. 

Animated videos in content marketing include:

Motion graphics are even more cost-effective than animation. They range from GIFs to title sequences for a video and can be used in your content marketing for:

  • Ads
  • Product marketing
  • How-to videos
  • Presentations

Are you a skilled animator or motion graphics designer? Apply for our talent network today.

Why Should I Use Animation and Motion Graphics?

We often think of cartoons when we think of animation, but it’s becoming an increasingly important part of the digital marketing landscape. Animation in advertising saw a boom in 2020 when COVID-19 made live-action video production nearly impossible, and it remains a cost-effective solution for brands and advertisers today.

Web content containing visuals like images or videos achieves up to 94 percent more views. And reading content with fun visuals like animations or gifs can make the copy even more memorable. 

Animation and motion graphics add variety to your content, increasing your brand’s engagement. Want some more reasons to up your animation game? Here you go:

  • Viewers retain 95% of information from a video vs. 10% from text-only
  • Landing pages that incorporate video can increase conversions by 80%
  • Video has helped to generate leads for 84% of marketers

Source: Explain Ninja

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Expert Animators Means Expert Visual Storytelling

Producing well-crafted and unique animation and motion graphics requires a highly specialized skill set that requires training and experience. Hiring a specialist also gives you access to their professional-grade software and tools. High-quality tools in the hands of an expert generally result in high-quality. 

Building trust and establishing authority are vital to your brand’s customer development. A professional animator or motion graphics designer will elevate your brand’s identity and expertly craft the story you want to tell.

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Ready to unlock the power of animation & motion graphics?

ClearVoice’s Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries offers access to animators and motion graphics designers to bring your creative vision to life.

Are you ready to elevate your brand with animation and motion graphics?

At ClearVoice, we know great content and that top-notch talent is essential to unlocking your brand’s visual storytelling potential. We’re ready to help elevate your brand with the power of animation and motion graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from being skilled at their craft, a good freelance animator or motion graphics designer has patience — and lots of it. They should be aware that the clients they work with may not understand how time-consuming a request they make might be, because to the client it may only seem like a small change. They should have a collaborative mindset and creative vision, while also being able to align with a brand’s identity.

Finally, a good freelance animator or motion graphics designer should be a problem solver. The clients they work with may not be able to articulate what they’re looking for in terms of animation, so having a mindset toward problem-solving will go a long way toward building a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on our Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancer writers, content strategists, editors, etc. 200+ industries. When you work with ClearVoice as your content production partner, your ClearVoice Talent Manager will search the Talent Network to to pair you with the vetted animators and motion graphics designers within our system that we believe will best suit your needs and your budget.

Once a freelancer has been admitted to the ClearVoice Talent Network, Talent Managers will pair them with the customers best suited for their industry, pay rates, and experience.

Freelancers who develop strong relationships with their customers through their ratings and quality of work can ensure they are hired repeatedly.

The ClearVoice Talent Network has a thorough application process to vet freelancers seeking to work with ClearVoice. To be considered complete, each CV Portfolio requires a minimum of six work samples, areas of expertise, and examples of published work. Then the portfolio is reviewed by the ClearVoice Talent Team for approval before the freelancer is admitted to the Talent Network. Once writers work within the platform, those who regularly update their CV Portfolio with new publications and correctly-tagged content will appear higher in search rankings for easy matching with customers.

Not for the inexperienced, animation takes a special skill set and significant training. Working with a proven, vetted freelancer helps you stay on budget while getting the professional-grade videos your company needs.

The ClearVoice network has 4,000+ vetted freelancers who work at a variety of price points. Your Talent Manager will search the network to match you with an animator that fits your project’s budget and needs.