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With strong ad copy, your marketing dollars are well-spent. Work with freelance writers from ClearVoice and get ad & promotional copy that actually converts.

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What is Ad Copy?

Ad copy is a powerful tool that can make the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity. While articles and blogs may tell your brand story, promotional copy is here to sell. Whether in an email campaign or on a landing page, great ad copy highlights a product or service and entices the reader to buy. 

Expert ad copywriters can easily connect with the audience at hand, convincing them to purchase your product and/or service. No manipulation necessary.

How Good Ad Copywriting Enhances Your Business

Effective ad copy provokes, persuades, and problem-solves successfully, turning potential buyers into customers. When done right, you increase conversions and marketing ROI.

While blogs can generate leads, your promotional copy does the real work. If you were fishing, your content would be the bait and your ads would be the hook. The better the ad copy, the greater the conversions.

At its core, marketing is all about connecting with people. The best ad copy does this and more.  

Are you a freelancer who writes great ad copy? It’s time you apply for our talent network.

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What Makes Great Ad Copy?

The key to great ad copywriting is problem-solving. It’s figuring out a target audience’s real needs and wants and how your product or service can be their solution. 

Simply put, great writing doesn’t always equal great advertising copy. You may have a content team that excels at producing blogs and articles, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be effective at writing ad copy. 

Or maybe you don’t have a content team at all! That’s where ClearVoice comes in. We match you with vetted freelancers to write ad copy that will drive clicks, conversions, and sales.

Meet Ad Copy Writers from Our Network

Take a look at a sample of our 4,000+ vetted writers from the ClearVoice Talent Network.
Eric Rosenberg
Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer in Ventura, California. When away…

Ashley Eneriz
Ashley Eneriz

Ashley Eneriz is a financial writer who has been published on Time, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business

Ready to unlock the power of ad & promotional copy?

ClearVoice’s Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries gives you access to ad copywriters that bring in leads and generate revenue.

Are you ready to punch up your ad and promotional copy?

Bring in leads and generate revenue with ad copy from ClearVoice’s Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancers in 200+ industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

An effective ad copywriter should have a thorough understanding of your brand, while staying current with digital marketing trends. Marketing (and target audiences!) tend to be a moving target, so having a finger on the pulse will ensure that your messaging is resonating with your audience. A good ad copywriter is also a compelling storyteller that inspires an emotional response that makes your audience want to buy. And finally, ad copywriters need solid research skills. Every customer’s needs are different and writers who are able to fill the gaps between those needs and their own personal experience and expertise will be able to deliver quality sales language that converts.

At ClearVoice, we pride ourselves on our Talent Network of 4,000+ vetted freelancer writers, content strategists, editors, etc. from 200+ industries. When you partner with ClearVoice as a content production partner, your Talent Manager will pair you with vetted ad copy writers in our network that align with your needs and budget.

Once a freelancer has been admitted to the ClearVoice Talent Network, Talent Managers will pair them with the customers best suited for their industry, pay rates, and experience.

Freelancers that develop strong relationships with their customers through ratings and the quality of their work are often hired regularly. 

The ClearVoice Talent Network has a thorough application process to vet freelancers seeking to work with ClearVoice. To be considered complete, each CV Portfolio requires a minimum of six work samples, areas of expertise, and examples of published work. Then the portfolio is reviewed by the ClearVoice Talent Team for approval before the freelancer is admitted to the Talent Network. Once writers work within the platform, those who regularly update their CV Portfolio with new publications and correctly-tagged content will appear higher in search rankings for easy matching with customers.