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About Updater

Updater is a moving app used by over 25% of US households. With Updater, users can forward mail, transfer utilities, secure insurance, and save time on other moving tasks.

The Problem

Updater’s internal SEO specialist found that its website didn’t capture enough traffic to meet its goals. In the absence of dedicated internal content resources, Performance Marketing Lead, Matt Weltz and his team took on the challenge of finding a content solution to reach their target audience.

Managing people and content in-house is time-consuming and expensive. If you need to scale up or down
quickly, the in-house model is inflexible,” he said.

Customer Story Updater The Problem
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The Solution

Working with ClearVoice, Weltz found freelancers that could write content that speaks directly to Updater’s target audience. Updater’s initial edits and feedback enabled the writers to deliver content that needed fewer edits, saving time and providing an opportunity to create more content.

ClearVoice’s services enabled Updater to produce about 84 pieces of content per quarter.

“The responsiveness, the open communication, the regular cadence just led to a really healthy open-door policy where we were able to proactively manage and improve together,” Weltz said. “The scale was incredibly manageable for a small team, and that’s what made all the difference.”

The Results

“We saw more traffic in the last quarter than we saw for the entire previous year. By a substantial margin,” Weltz said. “Traffic doubled every month for six months in a row.”

With ClearVoice’s help, Updater consistently exceeded its aggressive quarterly traffic goals. In 6 months, Updater saw a 733% increase in keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google searches.

Since their partnership began, 22 writers and five producers have created 360 pieces of content totaling 475,000 words. This high volume of content has led to increased brand recognition and greater confidence in purchasing through Updater.

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Share Your Expertise

Working closely with ClearVoice allowed Updater to produce content tailored specifically to their needs. Taking the pressure off their own team to generate content while allowing them to reach – and exceed – many of their business goals.

“ClearVoice gave us the ability to scale up and down drastically as our business needs changed and to shift gears into different topic areas,” Weltz said. “We set very ambitious traffic targets, ones we thought would be out of reach, and we hit them every single month.”

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